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Feello is a brand new concept that connects the right buyers and sellers with the right real estate agents. That means a reliable new source of qualified leads for your business. Better alignment between you and the buyer or seller. And faster close rates. Think of Feello as your personal Sales Accelerator. Don’t you think it’s time to stop wasting time?

You’re invited to participate in an exclusive Orange County test market program at no cost to you.

There are 3 steps to pre-register

  • 1

    Fill out the form below with your professional contact info. Remember to write down the email address and password you use when pre-registering. (3-4 minutes)

  • 2

    Complete our personality matching survey – the survey helps to ensure we match you with clients that are a great fit for both parties. (3-4 minutes)

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    Hold tight for a few weeks. We will reach back out to you when it is time to download the App and/or log-in to the Feello platform on

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How does Feello work?

In the App, buyers and sellers clearly describe the property they’re selling or want to buy. When you join Feello, you’ll provide information about your business like your BRE #, the markets you cover, etc. We also have you complete a personality matching survey similar to one that the buyers and sellers complete. Both parties are then dynamically matched for compatibility utilizing our revolutionary rating system, called FeeQ®. (Think for real estate!)

What is the benefit of joining Feello?

Feello is the smartest way to generate high quality leads without ever bothering with ads or paid placement. The best agents will love us, guaranteed. For just $399 per year (free for 1 year for test market participants – that’s you!), you’ll be invited by home buyers and sellers to bid for their business. Those invitations will have information about the house they are selling or what they are wanting to buy. This info will help expedite the closing time frame.

Why are Feello leads better than other buyer/seller leads available for purchase?

We’ve created a revolutionary rating system, called FeeQ. Think FICO for real estate. FeeQ scores agents on their real-world performance based on reliable data. FeeQ also uses artificial intelligence to match buyers and sellers with trusted agents based on personality and preferences, not advertising claims.

Simply put, FeeQ is smart, dependable, and ensures you will match with the most qualified leads. And, for those concerned about a low FeeQ score, we will provide tips on how best to improve it.

Step 1: Agent Registration

Step 2: Personality Matching Survey

Innovative Matchmaking

Please take a few minutes to complete our personality matching survey. Some questions may seem a little weird – but trust us, they’re weird on purpose. Your answers to this survey, coupled with your professional background and performance history, will power your algorithmically generated FeeQ score.

Your FeeQ score, background, and commission bid are presented to buyers and sellers ready to hire an agent. The higher the FeeQ score, the greater the likelihood for a successful match; which will lead to quicker closings and more opportunities to grow your business. Have fun taking our survey. Just make sure you answer every question as honestly as possible, with a smile on your face.

How often do you wash your dishes?

Do you like to go clubbing?

Are politics interesting to you?

In a healthy relationship, which is more important?

How often do you provoke people just to get a response?

Which of the following events sounds most appealing?

How often do you try things that you’ve never tried before?

Is it better to be tactful or truthful?

You’re visiting a new city. Where would you like to go?

Your decisions are influenced by other people…

Which type of education would you prefer for your child?

Which would bother you more in a new relationship?

Being with family during the holidays is…

Who on this list was the smartest?

You trust your government…

How long should people be in a relationship before getting married?

Do you attempt to conserve (water, energy, or other resources) every day?

Have you ever traveled around another country alone?

Do you like horror movies?

How important is voting to you?

You prefer people in your life to be…

Is a welfare system a good idea? Or, do taxes for it just take money away from hard-working people who earned it?

Outside of work or school, how often do you investigate something that interests you?

Should government limit big chain stores so as to give small businesses a chance?

Congrats! You’ve answered all of our questions. Please click the button below to complete your registration.

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